Organic Crib Mattress Advice

A quality organic crib mattress will have many advantages over a traditional mattress.

Organic Crib Mattress

Did you know that many standard crib mattresses consist of harmful chemicals? That's why I'm a big fan of certified organic baby mattresses. Exposure to these harmful chemicals can result in allergic reactions, skin and respiratory problems, and other complications.

ALERT: February 10, 2009 - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues guidance for complying with Phthalates in the manufacturing of crib mattresses

The presence of harmful chemicals such as Phthalates in traditional crib mattresses is an obvious reason why an organic baby crib mattress is the safest choice.

I personally think it's important to choose the best organic crib mattress you can afford.

These days organic wool used in crib mattresses are:

  • Naturally fire resistant
  • Free of synthetic chemicals
  • More breathable
  • Helps maintain comfortable body temperature
  • Very resilient and mildew resistant

If you decide to go with a non organic crib mattress make sure you are aware of the chemicals inside. If your baby sleeps on its stomach with the head facing the mattress, he may breathe in harmful gases.

Making sure your baby sleeps on its back will reduce this. My Samantha always turned over onto her stomach, that’s one of the reasons we decided to switch over to a natural organic mattress.

A few other factors made me switch over to organic. These include:

  • Organic don't contain polyurethane foam - which gives off toluene, an industrial solvent
  • No presence of fire retardants – such as PBDE’s - that can affect a child’s behavior and learning

Read about the organic baby mattresses that I personally recommend. All the features are listed with an explanation of why I like each one.

If you choose to go with organic, make sure:

  • The coils have not been treated with oils or chemicals
  • Organic padding is thickly quilted to avoid slippage
  • Border wire is strong to prevent sides from sagging (it will last longer and the sheets will be wrinkle free)
  • Most purest natural materials are used (100% natural cotton, wool, or rubber).

Organic Crib Mattresses Many high quality organic crib mattresses contain a combination of certified natural cottons, wool, and rubbers. I know that my wife and I made a wise investment when we purchased the organic baby mattress for Samantha. With a little bit more research we also decided to go with an organic baby blanket for the crib as well.

When you read the section about organic baby blankets, you will notice there are 3 different types. If you are also considering investing in organic baby clothes, than you should definitely read the organic baby clothes section. Probably, the most important addition to Samantha's crib mattress was a quality organic mattress pad. It's really great for absorbing those different liquids that occur all the time. If budget is an issue, organic crib mattress pads may be used on top of a traditional crib mattress. It might not be as good as going completely organic, but it's still better than sticking with a conventional baby mattress by itself.

What about gifts? Yes I buy her and little ones of family and friends only organic baby gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. Here are some tips when looking for a 100% natural crib mattress made of latex rubber. Read the organic cotton crib mattress article to get some more insight about a few specific organic baby mattressescrib mattress . The organic latex crib mattress is another great option.

I also think that the nursery should include organic crib sheets for the same reasons that we invest in organic crib mattresses. If you think about it, the crib sheet is the first item that touches your baby's skin. That convinced me to change to organic sheets for little Samantha. If money is an issue, maybe you should consider an affordable organic crib mattress as a possible option. However, if you absolutely cannot afford an organic baby mattress for your baby, I still recommend you place at least an organic mattress pad on top of your conventional baby mattress.

But if you bought a mini portable crib, than you will need an organic mini crib mattress that will fit snugly inside the crib. Don't you agree that organic is the right way to go? Especially, when looking for products for your precious infant. Now you are armed with the knowledge, so make the right choice for your baby's well being. I truly hope you find the ideal organic crib mattress for your little one. If you have something to share with us, that will help other parents, please do. I'm a strong believer that we can all learn from each others experiences.

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