Choose the Best Organic
Crib Mattress

Many parents want the best organic crib mattress for their baby. Unfortunately, many parents overlook the mattress and focus on what the crib looks like. However, the crib mattress should be the focus. The mattress provides comfort and support during hours spent in slumber. You don't have to overlook this anymore, as we have the perfect crib mattress for your baby.

What's In a Mattress?

There is evidence that children are being exposed to damaging toxins on a daily basis. There are regulations in place to limit the exposure of harmful substances like lead and other heavy metals. Unfortunately, many of the dangerous toxins that are used in products are nearly impossible to control or track, even though there has been some attempts made to limit industrial chemicals in the production of everyday materials, it is still a tough road.

Mattresses and other bedding designed specifically for infants are literally stuffed with petrochemicals and volatile organic compounds. The polyurethane foam which provides the support for most mattresses is a salad of petroleum derivatives which are known to cause allergic symptoms, breathing problems, and even cancer.

Baby mattresses are typically sheathed in a vinyl covering, which contains hundreds of compounds known to harm infants and children. Phthalates, the same substance that recently caused a scare in reusable plastic drinking bottles, can cause reproductive problems such as early-onset puberty. These chemicals are also respiratory irritants and animal carcinogens.

Most crib mattresses are coated with flame-retardant materials which contain, among other things, boric acid (used in killing cockroaches) and antimony (a poison similar to arsenic). These substances have been shown to leach into a baby's skin from the mattress and bedding.
A number of other chemical compounds found in baby mattresses are noted for causing liver damage, kidney failure, eye and respiratory irritation, heart arrhythmia, lung disease, cancer, and even cataracts. It doesn't take much to figure out that using a conventional crib mattress made of these materials is not the ideal way to welcome your newborn to the world.

The Benefits of Going Organic

It is common knowledge that organic products such as fruits, vegetables, and meats are raised without chemical fertilizers or pesticides; by excluding toxins from the cultivation process, organic produce are healthier for human consumption. Certified organic products are those which have passed strict government safety tests for "green" agricultural practices.

While "certified organic" is technically an agricultural term, other products labeled as organic have acquired the reputation for being more natural and healthier than their conventional counterparts.

Organic bedding such as the Naturepedic No Compromise organic crib mattress and other organic crib mattresses like it are manufactured from all-natural materials like certified organic wool and pure cotton. Organic bedding is free of any material or dyes containing toxic substances which can harm your baby and cause health problems for many years to come.

When you provide your baby with the best organic crib mattress, he or she will snuggle in firm support and comfort. The organic cotton will keep moisture from drooling, perspiration and accidents away from baby's delicate skin, and the wool padding creates a natural waterproof barrier to protect the mattress underneath. Designed for maximum air circulation, your little one will sleep soundly on his or her chemical-free bedding.

Give your baby the best head start with a safe and healthy sleeping environment. Your baby will spend much of his or her early life sleeping; shouldn't the bed be a wholesome and nurturing place? Choose the best organic crib mattress for your baby to sleep healthy and grow strong.

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