Fisher Price Baby Monitors

Are you looking for Fisher Price baby monitors? Have you noticed that Fisher Price has a good selection to choose from? Well, that's the dilema that I was in. Honestly, I just couldn't figure out which one to get. They all seemed very similar. Luckily,, and more specifically the reviews on helped me pick the right ones.

Besides hearing your baby's every sound, here are a few additional features you might want to look for in a monitor:

  • Remotely activate calming effects (nature sounds, lights, or music)
  • Multiple channels create a better connection
  • Built-in nightlight
  • 2nd receiver
  • Video monitor

Most baby monitors cost around $50-60. There are cheaper models with less features, and there are more expensive models with more. The model that I picked up on was a bit more pricey. This is because it contains a video monitor. I can not only hear Samantha, but also see her sleeping. The camera also has night vision so I can see her even in the dark.

It wasn't cheap. I got my Fisher Price baby monitor on for a reasonable price. I must say that it is completely worth every penny as it brought us peace of mind, especially since I noticed that Samantha tended to roll over onto her stomach a lot. You might think I'm crazy for investing in both the Fisher Price and the Angelcare brands, but I think it's just a result of being a safety concerened parent.

So as you can see, there's alot more that goes into baby safety than just a safe crib mattress. Fisher Price baby monitors are a must, and although you think you many not need one that features video, I'm sure every parent that has one will tell that they are amazing, myself included.

Fisher Price M5578 Sounds 'N Lights Monitor

This baby monitor has indicator display lights that show you the intensity of your baby's cries. The transmitter has a cool night-light to help you see in the dark nursery. The sound is very clear with a good receiver range.

Fisher Price Sounds N Lights

Two receivers bring additional convenience. You may keep one plugged in by your bed, while using the second one for portable use during the day.

This model does not create interference with cell phones, which is an issue with some baby monitors. It is also quite durable, which is another helpful feature.

Fisher-Price Musical Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

The Fisher-Price Mom Response Video Monitor is the only digital video monitor that offers soothing music and sounds to help your baby fall asleep.

Fisher Price Baby Monitor

The video monitor uses digital 2.4 GHz technology and features remote activation of soothing music/sound effects and/or a night light from the handset receiver to the transmitter base. The handset also features a 60mm color LCD screen. The image is supplied by a camera in the base, and the base camera is also capable of night vision.

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