Crib Mattress Ratings

In my opinion, the most reliable crib mattress ratings are available at Amazon.comCrib Mattress. Customer reviews on Amazon are based on a 5 star rating system that I find very helpful. The ratings are always averaged based on the total number of reviews.

However, if a certain crib mattresscrib mattress has only a few reviews, than one biased low rating will bring the entire average down dramatically. That's why I try to read each review before making any purchases.

Just make sure the crib mattress that you are considering has at least 4 stars such as the Colgate Classica I, which is one of the most popular crib mattresses on the market.

In this case, there are seven 5 star ratings. As you can see, the ratings indicate that it's a good quality mattress that is reliable. Consumers really like this baby mattresscrib mattress by Colgate.

What should you be looking for in crib mattress ratings? The first step is to do a little basic home work. Prior to purchasing, understand that most cribs do not include a mattress. Plus there are many brands to choose from and so many differing styles including size, materials, weight, standards and safety.

I see that Consumer Reports recommends purchasing the firmest mattress you can find.. I suggest a mattress with good water resistance. Consider a double or triple layer reinforced vinyl cover with nylon. You also want a mattress with small venting holes on the sides of the mattress that let air flow through. Then also look for a mattress that is certified.

For example, the Colgate Classica I is one of the most accepted and well rated foam crib mattress. This mattress has been rated #1 by one of the leading consumer magazines over a span of several years. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Extra firm foam
  • Lightweight
  • Orthopedic style
  • Strong seams provided by cloth binding
  • Mattress freshness from eyelet vents
  • Waterproof tear resistant triple layer nylon
  • Reinforced vinyl cover
  • Passes federal flammability standards
  • Passes CPSIA safety standards and phthalates
  • Made in USA is always nice

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