Best Booster Seats

The best booster seats make it safe for our children when traveling with us in our cars. As parents, we are obligated to purchase the safest products for our little ones.

A safe booster seat not only keeps our children safe, it also gives us piece of mind. A lot goes into choosing the right booster seatbaby booster seat. The type of seats children need will depend on their size, age, and the type of vehicle. It is widely recommended that children should ride rear-facing until they have reached at least 1 year of age and weigh at least 20 pounds. This will help provide the best booster seats protection in the event of an accident or a quick stop. Most states have specific rules, guidelines and laws as to how and when children will ride in a vehicle.

There are many non-profit organizations that will help you set up your car seat. We went to a free clinic at the local Fire Station that demonstrated and helped set up our car seat.

Let's review a few booster seats. We'll start with The First Years Compass B540booster seat ultra folding adjustable booster seat.

booster seats
Features of the Compass B540 booster seat:

  • The seat back is supportive and deep.
  • The bottom rails are adequately narrow allowing the seat to fit properly into sculpted seats.
  • The head rest contains EPP foam (those used in bicycle helmets).
  • Comfortable padding (triple layer and thick fabrics).

I like the fact that it weighs only 12 lbs. Just remember, these best booster seats are designed to be used by children who are between 38 and 57 inches tall. I also like that it's very portable, as it easily folds and can be conveniently stored. I hope you find a great booster seat for your little mountain of joy.

I would recommend reading some of the reviews on Here are some notable comments I would like to pass along. I would note one comment specifically about a grandmother that had her Grandson out for a drive. It seems they had a terrible car accident that totaled the car. The story had a happy ending as her Grandson only had a few scratches.

Emergency personnel praised Grandma with such remarks as "Great car seat grandma!" "He's fine, because of his car seat!" "I heard you bought him this car seat, I wish everyone had such a good car seat!" "Awesome car seat, it’s rare to walk away from an accident like this."

Grandma said that “I confess that, when I bought it, I did not know what the safety features were. I purchased this car seat because it was heavily padded, I thought for comfort. After the accident I found out it has special foam to absorb the impact, like what is in a bike helmet. Within days I ordered three car seats for my 3yr old granddaughter, another for her daddy's car, and one for my grandson to replace his. It's rare to be able to say this is a great car seat, we tested it! Even if the price is a little more than you would want to spend... it truly is priceless.”

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