Baby Crib Mattress Firmness Tips

Your baby needs a solid baby crib mattress to sleep on. That is why firmness should be the most important factor you look for when choosing a crib mattressbaby crib mattress. Just remember that a good quality crib mattress will keep its shape.

Once your baby is able to move around in the crib, he or she will change positions quite often during sleep and when awake.

Baby Crib Mattress

I remember my precious little Samantha would often sleep on the edges and in the middle. That is why I made sure her baby crib mattress had the proper support systems and firmness throughout.

The following are interior support systems that help prevent sagging and that are important features of a firm mattress:

Border rods

  • Located around the perimeter of the mattress
  • Prevents the mattress from sinking when your baby stands or sleeps close to the corners or edges

Interior steel vertical or X frame bars

  • Provide a flat uniform surface across the entire mattress

“The Firmness Test”

  • Pick up the crib mattress you will be testing for firmness
  • Place your hands in the middle on opposite sides
  • Squeeze!
  • The harder it is to squeeze means it’s firmer and safer for your baby
  • A quality mattress will snap back and won’t conform to the shape of your hand
  • Repeat these steps with your hands close to the edges

Consistency: while checking if the baby mattressbaby mattress is firm enough, you should also check for soft spots. Make sure the mattress has the same firmness throughout.

More dense = More firm
Densest foam mattress weighs 7-8lbs
Densest innerspring mattress weighs 15-23 lbs

Safety experts recommend
a firm crib mattress for newborns

Don't forget to use fitted sheets with the firm crib mattress you choose. This will keep the sheets tight and won’t create any loose areas. You must remember that loose bedding is dangerous for your baby. Any gathered material formed by loose bedding can be breathed into. This would cause the baby to breathe its own air (A huge hazard). This is especially dangerous for newborns, since they cannot raise their heads for several months.

Now you know that firmness is absolutely critical. At the same time, since our precious little babies sleep so close to the mattress, you should also consider investing in a 100% certified organic crib mattress.

A firm baby crib mattress also requires the right nursery bedding sets that contain tight fitting crib sheets. I hope that you find the perfect mattresscrib mattress for your precious little one.

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