Mini Crib Mattress Advice

Here are some reasons why you might be interested in a mini cribmini crib and a good quality mini crib mattressmini crib mattress:

  • Limited space (sharing small room with baby)
  • You are looking for a mini crib that is also a portable crib
  • Some are also convertible to toddler beds (with additional attachments)

Caution: Many mini cribs vary in size, so please make sure you choose the right sized mini mattress that will fit snugly. You should not be able to fit more than one finger between the side of the mattress and crib.

Recommendation: - You should not use the mattress or pad that comes with the mini crib because it:

  • Won't provide enough support for your baby
  • Usually is a low quality crib mattress
  • Is very thin (which is not good)

Here is some information about the Dream On Me 3" Portable Crib Mattress

  • Made in the USA
  • Non-allergenic antibacterial cover
  • Waterproof cover
  • Complies with 16-CFR 1633 flammability standards
  • Dimensions: 38"L x 24"W x 3"

Be certain to read some of the reviews about this product on Overall the product has a very good review. Here are some of the highlights:

Most parents commented that their child slept well on this mattress. It is thin, so that it travels and packs very well. Several liked how it worked in the pack-n-play, made a world of difference in my child’s napping, a life saver while we were away, allowed us, the parents, a little extra sleep when we are away from home, wish had purchased this sooner, very worth the money, would highly recommend it!

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