Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

Our babies deserve an organic cotton crib mattress. As parents, it's the best thing we can do to give our little ones the safest start. A typical mattress is made with many chemicals that may not be good for our babies.

Many parents and physicians are recommending an organic mattresses as a way to avoid avoidable exposure to some chemicals. These type of mattresses are made with the purity of certified organic cotton and organically grown wool. There are no synthetic fabrics, plastics, formaldehyde, chemicals, dyes or fire retardant present in this product.

The Naturepedic No Compromise is probably the most popular cotton crib mattress on the market right now.

Let's look at some of the main features:

  • The surface is waterproof and composed of food grade polyethylene
  • The mattress is very firm and provides adequate support with heavy-duty border rods along with good edge support for those times when your baby stands on the edge.
  • The filling consists of 100% certified organic cotton - which is completely chemically free and grown naturally without the use of herbicides or pesticides
  • The cover is hypoallergenic (a barrier against dust mites)

I often suggest too check out reviews for this organic cotton crib mattress or any other product for ideas from former buyers. I read through several reviews on about the No Compromise mattress and came away with these general comments.

Several thought the mattress was a good balance between comfort and firmness. Plus it was easy to clean with the waterproof feature. Many were looking for a mattress that was safe from harmful toxic chemicals and was fire retardant. Other comments included the positive aspects that it was made in the USA and had a good warranty by a good company.

Some had purchased this mattress for more than one of their children over a period of several years. Many felt this was a good quality mattress that was worth the money and would recommend to others.

In my opinion, the no compromise is a very good organic crib mattress. I hope this helps in your search for that ideal crib mattress.

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