Organic Crib Sheets

Organic crib sheets offer your baby the chemical free sleeping environment that traditional crib sheets cannot. Personally, I would not want my little Samantha to be exposed to chemically processed baby crib sheets.

Our babies deserve the safest start we can provide as parents. Babies spend up to 70% of their time in their cribs during their first year. That is why we decided to surround them with the softest and healthiest environment possible. From everything we have read on the subject, 100% certified organic cotton is the best we can offer.

organic crib sheets
Many parents and physicians are recommending organic products as a way to avoid exposure to some chemicals. It's important to create and maintain an organic and chemical-free environment for our children.

Under The Nile Organics contains some of the softest 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton crib sheets. These Under the Nile organic sheets are very soft and gentle for baby. They have an added feature of an elastic band around the bottom of the sheet for a snug fit and includes with a convenient pull string bag. As you can see it's not cheap. But based on the fact that it's extremely soft and 100% organic, it's worth the extra few dollars.

I truly believe that organic sheets are an important addition to your baby's organic crib mattress. What would be the point of investing in an organic baby mattress if the fitted crib sheet was not organic? Your baby would still end up being exposed to chemically coated fabrics.

Organic Crib Sheets to Organic Crib Mattress