Memory Foam Crib Mattress

The first memory foam crib mattress I would like to mention and review is the Memory Foam Crib Mattress from LA Baby. This mattress is two-sided. One side has been designed for newborn babies since it has firm innerspring support.

This support is absolutely crucial to keeping your newborn infant safe. The opposite side of the mattress contains a memory foam surface designed especially for toddlers. As you would imagine, this toddler side is softer and much more comfortable than the extra firm innerspring surface. If you do decide to go with this crib mattress, remember to not flip it over too soon.

This baby mattress also contains the necessary triple-laminated water-resistant vinyl cover. The triple-laminate is a good indicator of quality. Speaking of quality, the mattress has 240 heat tempered innerspring coils. With 240 coils, your baby SHOULD be sleeping soundly night after night!

I found L A Baby Foam Crib Mattress is available through It is priced very reasonably, especially since it can be used for several years of your baby's development. As you probably well know, memory foam mattresses are rather difficult to find, and for the price, this one should be at the top of any parents list!

Another great option is the Colgate Visco-Classica Dual Firmness Foam Crib Mattress with Memory Foam. Although slightly more expensive than the LA Baby crib mattress, the Colgate Visco-Classica is a standard size orthopedic style 6" thick dual firmness lightweight foam crib mattress that fits all standard size cribs and toddler beds.

The Visco-Classica showcases the best of both worlds - the firm Classica I foam on one side for infants, and the less firm viscoelastic memory foam on the other for toddlers. So once again, you can think of it as getting two completely separate mattresses in one!

The Colgate Visco Classica features extremely strong seams, and a durable tear-resistant five ply nylon reinforced cover on the infant side of mattress. Another bonus, many of the reviews on say that this mattress allows for tighter sheets and a more snug fit than most other mattresses.

For more information on how to pick quality memory foam, check out this mattress buying guide.

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