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The crib mattress that you choose for your baby is a very important decision. A quality baby mattress has been proven to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

On these pages, I will tell you everything you must know about choosing the right baby mattress for your priceless baby.

You will learn about........

I will also review the major brands including, Naturepedic, Colgate, Simmons, and many more.

What's Inside a Crib Mattress ?

Baby on Crib Mattress
A baby mattress is known as a "blind" item, since most of the important components are hidden inside.

I was not well informed, when I was shopping for a baby mattress for my first baby. Now, I realize how my lack of knowledge could have harmed my precious baby Samantha. I did not know how crucial it is to purchase a quality baby mattress.

NOW I Know! (After many months of Research)

Immediately after gaining some insight, I threw out Samantha's soft mattress and purchased - the right one!

Keep in mind that your newborn baby will spend up to 70% of her time on the mattress. Once your baby becomes a toddler she will still spend at least 50% of her time on the mattress.

Your precious baby will also use the mattress as a playpen until she falls asleep and when she wakes before you do. That’s another reason why the mattress you choose should be very durable.

"Beware Of The Crib Mattress Sales Pitch!"

I’ve learned the hard way that many sales associates are trained to sell you the most expensive mattress once you choose your crib. I ended up listening to the sales guy and bought Samantha one of the more expensive mattresses. I thought it would be the safest just by looking at the price.

Later, I found out Samantha's mattress was treated with harmful chemicals and fire retardants. After that experience I was determined to become informed and help other parents choose the safest mattress for their priceless babies.One of the most important things I can tell you is do not settle for a cheap crib mattress. There are lots of cheap and low quality baby mattresses out there. My goal is to help you figure out which ones to consider and which ones to absolutely avoid.

The information provided throughout this site will help you decide whether a certified organic crib mattress, foam, or innerspring is right for your baby and your budget.

Good Luck!

In order to enhance your experience, I have added the following new sections to the navigation bar:

  • Crib Safety - This section talks about how to make sure your baby remains safe inside the crib

  • Glass Baby Bottles - I talk about why I decided to switch over to glass bottles for feeding

  • Baby Cribs - If you're looking for a good quality crib that won't cost you a fortune, this section is for you

  • Baby Strollers - This section offers stroller reviews and recommendations Crib Mattress Deals and Savings
    The best place to shop for a mattress for your little one is at You will find many great deals with free shipping. I saved $70 on Samantha's mattress.

    Baby Mattress as a Baby Shower Gift With Poem
    Instead of buying all that stuff the baby won't even use, combine your resources and buy a quality mattress for the baby shower and present it with a beautiful poem.

    Organic Crib Mattress Information and Tips
    An organic crib mattress for your baby is the healthy choice. It was the right investment for my baby Samantha.
    Baby Crib Mattress Should Be Firm
    Things you should know to choose a firm baby crib mattress for your little one.
    Crib Mattress Size Is Very Important
    Being aware of the standard crib mattress size is important when shopping for your babys crib mattress.
    The Best Crib Mattress For Your Baby
    Here you will find advice on choosing the best crib mattress for your precious little baby.
    Crib Mattress Ratings
    I believe crib mattress ratings are very helpful when trying to choose a right crib mattress for your baby
    Foam Crib Mattress Tips and Advice
    Here are some things you should know when looking for a foam crib mattress for your baby.
    Innerspring Baby Mattress Buying Tips
    Find out what to look for when choosing an innerspring baby mattress for your precious baby.
    Crib Mattress Pad Tips
    A quality crib mattress pad is a very important addition in your little ones nursery.
    Portable Crib Mattress Buying Tips
    A few things you should know before buying a portable crib mattress for your precious baby.
    Organic Mini Crib Mattress
    A quality organic mini crib mattress is convenient, portable, and at the same time safe. Your baby will love it.
    Baby Cribs - Questions You Should Consider
    When comparing baby cribs, safety should be at the top of the list. The cost of the crib, along with features and quality should also be considered.
    Discount Cribs Reviewed
    Searching for discount cribs is a great way to save money. Just make sure the crib is safe.
    Mini Crib Mattress Advice
    There are several things you should know before buying a mini crib mattress
    Organic Baby Blanket Tips
    A few things you should know before you buy an organic baby blanket.
    Glass Baby Feeding Bottles
    Compare the advantages and disadvantages in choosing glass baby feeding bottles.
    Baby Crib Sheets Safety Precautions
    Baby crib sheets are a potential hazard for your baby if you do not use them properly.
    Allergy Mattress Covers 101
    It is time to put your worries to rest since allergy mattress covers will keep your baby crib allergen free, allowing your newborn to sleep peacefully through the night.
    Best Booster Seats
    Choosing from only the best booster seats will keep your precious baby safe and comfortable.
    Wool Baby Blankets - An Important Part of Your Baby's Crib
    Wool baby blankets are undoubtedly an important in the upkeep of your babys health and happiness.
    Best Baby Strollers - My Top Picks
    The best baby strollers on the market today are not necessarily the most expensive. Usability and baby comfort are among the most important things to consider.
    Angelcare Monitors Reviewed
    In my opinion, Angelcare monitors are reliable, sturdy, and great product that will protect your baby from SIDS.
    Fisher Price Baby Monitors
    Fisher price baby monitors are among the best on the market. They are reliable and easy to use.
    Baby Stroller with Car Seat
    Travel systems include baby stroller with car seat. Keep your baby safe by choosing a high quality reliable travel system.
    SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
    All parents with newborns should educate themselves about SIDS
    Crib Mattress Blog
    The crib mattress blog keeps you up to date on what's new. All the new baby mattress tips and discussions are included.
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