Buying a Cheap Crib Mattress

A cheap crib mattress is never a good investment for your newborn baby. There are several reasons why you should purchase the highest quality crib mattress that you can afford.

Here are the top reasons:

  • A cheap baby mattress is very uncomfortable
  • Your baby will spend up to 18 hours on the crib mattress
  • Cheap mattresses do not provide enough support
  • A low quality mattress may be a potential hazard
Often times, the price difference between a low quality and a high quality crib mattress is only about $40. An extra $40 dollars will keep your baby safe, comfortable, and give you peace of mind. Cheap mattresses are not only made from low quality materials, they also lack the firmness that is required for a newborn infant.

There are many crib mattresses out there that are of high quality yet are still affordable. In fact, the Colgate Classica I Crib Mattress has great reviews and is one of the most accepted and well rated crib mattresses. It has been rated #1 by one of the leading consumer magazines for several years. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Extra firm foam
  • Lightweight
  • Orthopedic style
  • Strong seams provided by cloth binding
  • Mattress freshness from eyelet vents
  • Waterproof tear resistant triple layer nylon
  • Reinforced vinyl cover
  • Passes federal flammability standards
  • Passes CPSIA safety standards and phthalates
  • Made in USA is always nice

I would also recommend getting some high quality baby crib sheets to go along with this mattress. This American Baby Jersey Knit Porta-Crib sheet is 100% cotton value and is available in five solid colors to match your bedding collection. It will fit all standard size 24W x 38L mini-crib pads. These crib sheets are machine washable warm, tumble dry low. The reviews on Amazon are many and proportionally favorable.

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