Measuring Baby Mattress Size

Do you know your baby mattress size ?

You might think you do, because you read the label on the mattress.

Are you 100% sure the numbers on the label are the same as the actual mattress? Honestly, you can never be 100% sure until you measure your crib mattressBaby Crib Mattress yourself. Manufacturing mistakes do happen, so please don't take any chances. You want to be very accurate with your measurements.

Here is the simple and accurate way I measured my precious Samantha's crib mattress:

  • First I took off any sheetsBaby Crib Sheets and made sure the mattress was bare
  • Then I placed the mattress on a flat surface, like the floor
  • I measured the width at the middle of the mattress from edge to edge
  • Then I measured the length also at the middle from edge to edge
  • I did the same thing for measuring the thickness

For ultimate accuracy I measured where the middle points of each side were and marked the spots with a pencil. As a result when I measured from edge to edge I was always at the mid point of the edge. My measuring tape was completely straight and my numbers were very accurate. I hope this helps you measure you crib mattress accurately, and keep your little one safe.

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